SOJC Night at Sweet Tomatoes FunRaiser June 2013

SOJC Night at Sweet Tomatoes FunRaiser June 2013

  • Sweet Tomatoes will donate 15% of the sales generated by SOJC!
  • You must purchase a beverage with your meal and present the flyer in order for SOJC to receive credit.
  • No Coupons or Discounts
  • You must present a printed copy of the Sweet Tomatoes FunRaiser Flyer, which can be downloaded below.
Our Next FunRaiser Event at Sweet Tomatoes will be on:
Tuesday, June 25 fromĀ 5:00pm – 8:00pm

[download_box]Click Here to Download the SOJC Night at Sweet Tomatoes FunRaiser Flyer[/download_box]


A Message from Rabbi Skolnik

Dear SOJC,

As you have seen from the flyer above, we have decided to begin a new event in our community, one which we hope will become a monthly staple of our calendar. It is an evening together at the Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, which is located at 12561 South Apopka Vineland Road in the Crossroads Plaza. In addition to it being a wonderful social opportunity for our synagogue, Sweet Tomatoes will generously donate 15% of the sales generated from our guests back to the synagogue.

While neither I nor SOJC would ever host an event in which we serve non-kosher food or encourage our members to eat non-kosher food, this event presents us with a educational opportunity to learn about what it means to live a kosher life in a non-kosher world. Given our lack of kosher restaurant options in Orlando, there is a way to dine in many restaurants while continuing to uphold kosher guidelines. The way that we do this is by sticking with menu items featuring only kosher types of fish or dairy and asking our server what ingredients are used in preparing these dishes. At Sweet Tomatoes this task is simple because each of their dishes, including soups and pastas, are clearly labeled “vegetarian,” “vegan,” or “non-vegetarian.” Also, feel free to enjoy any of the baked goods, such as the muffins, brownies, breads, or even the plain pizza. We’ll drink from the soda fountain, and I’ll be first in line for their soft-serve frozen yogurt for dessert.

I have absolutely no intention of walking around during these occasions inspecting what people eat and serving as a “kosher cop.” What you choose to eat is your decision. But, when we dine together as a community in what I hope will become a monthly event, I want to encourage all of us to take this chance to try to eat in a kosher way within the world in which we live.

Finally, a thank you to Robert Moszenberg for taking the time to organize this event.

See you there!

Rabbi Skolnik