Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbat Dinner

Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbat Dinner



Shabbat_kiddush-cup_challahThis coming January 24th, be part of the first installment of this wonderful program as we encourage our members to welcome each other into their home for Shabbat Dinner.


How can you participate?

You participate by hosting a Friday Night Dinner, or by asking to be hosted at someone else’s home.

How can we have dinner and go to services at the same time?

For that week only, we will be having Shabbat Services at 6 pm so that those who’d like to attend services before Shabbat Dinner will be able to do so.

What will the food be like?

Each family can choose what they serve, but we ask that if it is to be a meat meal, then it should be kosher, otherwise, let’s stick with dairy.

What kind of rituals should we do?

SOJC will provide a copy (with transliteration) of Shalom Aleichem, the Blessing of the Children, Kiddush, and HaMotzi.  We will also make audio files available for members to use ahead of time to practice.  After that, the format of the meal is up to you.

Where do we sign up?   Copy and Paste this Information below into an email, update the information, and send it to

Please RSVP by January 17th

Name __________________________________________

# of people participating _____________________________

I would like to host ______  (if hosting – I have room for ____ guests)

I would like be hosted ______

Special Food Needs ___________________________________________