SOJC Mitzvah Day – December 25, 2013

SOJC Mitzvah Day – December 25, 2013

We have several offerings for Mitzvah Day this year.

#1 Meals on Wheels


  • We will be delivering meals to needy families.
  • They need 10-12 people and set up in groups of 2.
  • They are asking for each group to have a small cooler.

They want people to arrive at 9AM on December 25th at:
2801 South Financial Court, Sanford, Florida 32773


#2 Coalition for the Homeless


  • They need 10 volunteers to set up and serve food to 100-300 people for 2 hours plus clean up afterwards.

They want people to arrive at 7:30AM on December 25th at:
639 West Central Boulevard – Orlando, Florida 32801


#3 Bridgeport Senior Living


  • They have 6 residents that live on the property, and they want 6-7 people/children to come do activities with them, arts and crafts, bingo and just someone to talk, too.
  • If you have a talent (especially if you participated in the SOJC Talent Show), they would love to see your act.

They want people to arrive at 8:00AM on December 25th at:
8341 Lake Crowell Circle – Orlando, Florida 32836


#4 SOJC – Areas Needing Attention

  • Work in the Kitchen – we have a lot of new items for our Kitchen – cleaning out the old and in with the new.
  • Cleaning the pews in the sanctuary – If you have a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner that we can use, please volunteer to help us.
  • Cleaning the floors in the Social Hall and Lobby Area.



  • These offerings will be on a first come first basis. Please RSVP – ASAP to Brett Spector at
  • List in order of preference in case one option fills up before another and you can do one of the other offerings.
  • Please email the text below (Copy and Paste) to Brett ( with your Preference # 1-4 and Contact Information.

Specify Preference Order # 1-4
____ Meals on Wheels
____ Coalition for the Homeless
____ Bridgeport Senior Living
____ SOJC – Areas Needing Attention

Participant Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone #: