Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Norman Berdichevsky – November 18

Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Norman Berdichevsky – November 18

Join us as we hear from Dr. Norman Berdichevsky about the importance of Modern Hebrew to the Jewish people, what issues it faces and why only knowing Biblical Hebrew might get you pulled aside at the airport!

Wednesday, November 18 @ 6:30 PM

A scholar of biblical Hebrew gets pulled aside as a security risk at an airport – why? Because the assumption was that he understood the Hebrew language; yet he did not understand the easiest questions when he was questioned in Hebrew – and that is because the scholar did not understand modern Hebrew. Big difference! This and other interesting stories, facts, and important issues about modern Hebrew and its importance to the Jewish people will fill Dr. Berdichevsky’s presentation in November.

Books will be available for purchase and signing at end of the lecture.

Norman Berdichevsky, Ph.D. – Guest Lecturer
Author: Modern Hebrew –The Past and Future of A Revitalized Language (McFarland Publishing)

For more information about Dr. Berdichevsky, visit www.nberdichevsky.com