Rabbi Hillel Skolnik’s Torah Spark for 7th and 8th Days of Passover 5776

Rabbi Hillel Skolnik’s Torah Spark for 7th and 8th Days of Passover 5776

This Shabbat we once again postpone the regular Torah portion to instead read the special Torah reading for the 8th day of Passover (which is the same reading as the 2nd day of Shavuot and for Sh’mini Atzeret). As was the case last year at the end of Passover, the 8th day falling on Shabbat creates a difference that will last a number of weeks as to what Torah portion is being read in Israel versus outside of Israel. In Israel, this Shabbat, they’ll read Acharei Mot, while those of us who live outside of Israel won’t read that Torah portion until next Shabbat. Communities in Israel will continue to be one portion ahead all the way until the first Shabbat in August when Israelis will read only Parashat Mas’ei and we’ll read the double portion of Matot-Mas’ei. Yet divided as we might be in our Torah readings, we’ll continue to remain one Jewish community that is grateful to have been freed from bondage, all those years ago.

For a more detailed explanation about this Torah reading dichotomy, I’d encourage you to read the weekly Torah Spark published by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, written this week by Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb. You can find their Torah Spark at learn.conservativeyeshiva.org/shevii-shel-pesach-shabbat/.

First Chag Sameach and then Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Hillel Skolnik

copyright 2016