High Holidays – Dedicate a Prayer

High Holidays – Dedicate a Prayer

Dear SOJC Families,

As we begin our preparations for the High Holidays, one cannot help but realize that our service, celebration, and observances will be different once again. Our synagogue will not be filled, with some choosing to maintain social distancing and follow our services on Zoom.
Another year that we will not all be together to greet each other with a hug and kiss. We will not be able to kiss the Torah as it is walked around the shul, and we will continue to pray wearing masks while in the shul. Even in ancient times, before modern medicine, before cars, before handheld computers, Jews gathered to share in the High Holidays, the holiest days of the Jewish year. Whether by walking, by camel, or car, Jews gathered to be together, to share in prayer, and each other’s company.

How can we connect with each other over Zoom or across the room? More importantly, how do we connect with prayer, our private conversation with G-d?

Throughout our adult services and youth service, the Rabbi, Cantor, Shana Medel, Louis Goldman, Michelle Wilson, Rebecca Goldman, and Virginia Kolin will lead us in prayer and song. The beauty of song and prayer will be felt as our choir sings through masks this year. Some of us will recite the prayers in a quiet room instead of a full sanctuary, but the strength of our prayers will still reach G-d. The tenor of our voices as we sing will still fill our hearts. The Rabbi will still reach us with his inspiring sermon. We will ALL ask to be written in the book of life once again.

To help diminish our feelings of separation, we would like to offer our families an opportunity to dedicate a prayer to someone; a family member, a friend, or in memory of those no longer with us. The Rabbi will announce the dedications throughout services and hopefully, as we hear names familiar to us, we will feel a better sense of community.

Each prayer may be dedicated by up to 5 families. We thank you for your support and for making these unconventional services a bit more connected.