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Adult Education

SOJC is your partner in lifelong learning. We offer a wide range of programs and classes. Most classes are free and are open to the entire Jewish community. We look forward to learning together!

Judaism 101
Learn or relearn about the meaning and beauty of Shabbat, festivals and holidays, rituals, leaders of the Bible and more....
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Torah Study
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 Join us for this special four-part series on
Pluralism in Judaism taught by Rabbi Michael Fraade:

October 23, October 30, November 6, November 13. 

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  • Pre-denominational debates: ancient sects, Karaites, Sabbateanism, and the pre-Enlightenment kahal - in other words, there has always been debate

  • Denominations: where Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Judaism come from and what some major tenets are. A little bit of early history, but hopefully mostly focused on contemporary experiences and stories, and some reflections from students about their own experiences (and what they value about being part of a Conservative congregation)

  • 21st-century pluralistic organizations: a little bit about Hebrew College, plus some other organizations building cross-denominational spaces (Hadar, Adamah, YCT/Maharat, Kohenet, etc)

  • Assuming her schedule works out, a session with Jenn where people can ask us about pluralism in our lives, and potentially workshop some questions that they have in their own lives

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