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Holocaust Memorial

More information coming soon....

Check out these inspirational videos from Hazzan Labish:

Hazzan Labish discusses why bad things happen... and how some things are simply unknowable. (5 minutes)

Praying before the open ark as the Heavenly Gates of Mercy are opened and G-d’s love is aroused. (3 minutes)

Make the most of your Misheberach prayer. Tap into the healing power of Mount Sinai! (3 minutes)

G-d opens His hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing? Really? (6 minutes)

Make your Shabbat morning experience more meaningful with these knowledge bites!

So much symbolism as we return the Torah to the Ark! Enhance your experience with meaning! (3 minutes)

The Kedushah is one of our holiest prayers. Learn how you can elevate the experience! (7 minutes)

The "Avodah" prayer goes by in the blink of an eye. But it's jam packed with meaning! (13 minutes)

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