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Traditional Purim Cookies

Purim Service– Saturday, March 23 at 8:30pm

On Saturday, March 23, we will come together at SOJC to celebrate Purim!

 As is our custom, we will have a festive reading of Megillat Esther,

and we'd be honored if you would participate!


Congregants are invited to read one - two verses from the Megillah.

You can read in Hebrew, English, or any other language you choose. 

We will provide you with your verse in Hebrew and English. 

If you are reading in Hebrew, you may choose to read your verse from your

printed paper (with vowels and trop markings) or if you prefer,

you can read your verse from the Megillah scroll.


To sign up to read a verse, simply provide your name and email address in this form: 

Click Here


Rabbi Crespy will contact you by email with your preparation materials.


Here are the details for the Purim celebration:

Saturday, March 23 at SOJC.

Arrive at 8:25. Megillah reading begins at 8:30.


We encourage you (adults and children) to come in costume and join in the Purim Parade after the Megillah reading!

Then join us after the reading for an ice-cream bar and hamantaschen!


Note that photography and video are permitted! So feel free to capture the moment and share the fun with family and friends!


With your participation, we're looking forward to a most festive celebration!





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