Connecting the Past for the Future


These web stories are an enhancement to the physical Holocaust Memorial at SOJC.

Click on a tile, and read more about the survivor. Within their stories, you can connect to a book they wrote or perhaps watch a video interview. You can also view a PDF of the survivor’s tile on display at SOJC.

Jewish Holocaust Victims of North Africa Sasson Bechor Rena Wallach Bernstein Dickmann1WEB
Elisabeth Dixon Eichengreen1WEB Elias and Felicia Friedman Friedman_M.1WEB
Galler.1WEB Gluck_H.1WEB Gluck_J.1WEB John Stanley Grauel
Greenspun2WEB Gutmann1WEB Harris1WEB Cantor Willian Hauben
Heppner1WEB Fred & Lore Homburger Rome, Italy Erica Kanter
Gerda and Kurt Klein Ruth Kluger Landwirth1WEB Rabbu Yisrael Meir Lau
Herbert Launer Lerman1WEB The Moment of Liberation Henry Lowenstein
Marburg2WEB Marianne Zadikow May Michel1WEB Nehama1WEB
Eliane Norman Meyer Ann Rabner Mary Roufa Czech Memorial Torah
Turner-Zaretsky1WEB Pincus Vogel Rabbi Jacob Wiener Shep Zitler