SOJC Members APP

The SOJC Members APP is our new platform that will strive to inspire connections, communications, and overall community.


Get the SOJC Members APP


Step 1

  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – it is available as a FREE download for Apple AND Android!

Download for iPhone or iPad

Download for Android

Step 2

  • Register Yourself!
  • An email will be sent to approve your membership for the APP or if you have been pre-registered, which SOJC has done for most of our members, then you will be able to instantly access the SOJC Members APP.
 Step 3
  • Once your registration is approved, you will be able to begin using the SOJC APP!


Once you are granted access, there are a few things to configure.
  1. Complete your PROFILE – this is the basis for the virtual community!  Profile pictures help connect faces to emails and contact information helps us connect with each other.
  2. Set your NOTIFICATION settings – allow the SOJC app to alert you where there are updates and messages to check out!
  3. Peek at the CALENDAR – where you can see all of the upcoming events at SOJC!
  4. Jump in the action – in DISCUSSIONS or in sharing PHOTOS!  

Don’t wait another minute!  Many of our communications will begin to come through our app, and it will be your best way to stay connected to all the latest news from your SOJC family!