Security Camera App

Instructions on how to install the mobile app on your phone.

NVMS7000 Live View & Remote Playback

1. Download the NVMS7000

app store google play

2. For the first time run, please select the Region first.

     USA, America

nvms7000 region

3. The Main Screen should look like this:

NVMS7000 main menu

4. LTS Logo = Main Menu


Adding IP Address to Device List

1. Click Logo (Side Menu Appears) ? Devices


2. Select Manual Adding

3. Then, enter the device information shown below in purple.

ip info

Alias: SOJC Cameras

Registration Mode: IP Domain


Port 8000 (Note: mobile app also required 8554)

User: (The username txt to you)

Password:  (The DVR password txt to you)

4. Click Save icon, then click Start Live View to see Live Video.


Select Camera List / Favorites

1. Press Camera List (Top Right Icon).

live view

2. Select or de-select the camera from the list.

Camera List

3. You can save the current selected camera to a Favorite Group

4. Click Start Live View to see the video.

live view