United Synagogue Youth

United Synagogue Youth (“USY”) designed for young adults from ninth to twelfth grade.  USY is an international youth organization for Jewish teenagers and is sponsored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ). Membership in USY includes participation in programs on three levels: Chapters, Regional and International. It also includes a subscription to Achshav!, the USY quarterly magazine.

Our SOJC group is called SOJUSY.  Our USY region is called HaNegev and our subregion is Mercaz.   The regional and subregional events for the year are already planned and SOJUSY is invited to all of them.

Youth that go to Camp Ramah will have the opportunity to see their friends at these events, because Camp Ramah is associated with USCJ as well!

Click Here to Download the SOJUSY USY Kadima Membership Form


Message from the president of

A famous fish once said, “This is the Ocean silly, we’re not the only two in here.” ~Dory [Finding Nemo]. Dory could not have said it any better. Everyday we wake up and think about how lucky we truly are to be in USY. We have friends, a community, ruach, a connection to Judaism … the list goes on and on. It is our job, as current USYers, to make sure that we spread the word; we are not the only conservative Jewish teens in the world! When Dory explains to Marlin that there are more fish around, she emphasizes that we are never alone and that there are always other fish to help who can prosper from the advantages of USY. But how can they find it if we don’t show it to them? “Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!” ~Peach Obviously, you and I both know, that Peach was clearly thinking about USY when she was saying this. USY is my home, my happy place, and hopefully it is yours as well. This year we will be able to work together to create an amazing home for you, me, and all of the new comers who have yet to discover USY for themselves. Whether you find comfort in the religious aspect, the wonder of Israel, the marvels of making a difference, the fantasy of new friendships or even the technological complexity of communicating, USY is the place for you! [pullquote_left]Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?
Marlin: No I don’t wanna know.
Dory: [singing] Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” USY, it’s about time we continued to swim together and towards a better tomorrow. Don’t try to push it off, accept the challenge that we are faced with. The truth of the matter is that numbers are looking grim, but if we ignore it they will only continue to decrease. By working together, ahead of us is nothing but a year of enhancement and transformation. I am here to help any of you with any questions that you have. By improving programming, by making more phone calls and by using technology effectively, USY will improve. By emphasizing USY’s impact on the world through Social Action who wouldn’t want to be a part of our youth group? “Okay, I’m thinking of something orange, and it’s small …” ~Dory. Although this just seems like a small game of I Spy to help the time pass by, Dory illustrates that we need to pay close attention to everyone. If we pay attention to every member, every chapter, every region, we will grow and become stronger than ever. Lastly, I’d like to leave with one last quote from a favorite turtle. Not only does it emphasize my love, and hopefully yours as well, for conventions, friendships, and just my overall feeling towards USY, but it also makes me smile.