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We like to think our SOJC is genuinely one of the friendliest and most incredibly warm congregations you will ever find. While relatively small in number, our heart is big and our strength is palpable! We are a family-centered, fully-egalitarian, modern-conservative congregation. Did we say we’re children-friendly? Our Religious School proudly teems with a disproportionately large number of children given our congregation’s size! We have Kadima and USY youth groups, as well as our celebrated Cantorial Corps of teens!

SOJC’s Friday night services are highly participatory, with a healthy dose of English readings and lots of singing — often led enthusiastically by our children and teens! We have a fabulously strong core of active members and love to showcase our huge number of teen and adult Torah readers on Saturday mornings. We openly and warmly welcome inter-faith couples and Jews by choice as we strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere that encourages interfaith families to be active. We proudly say “SOJC is the religious compass on Southwest Orlando’s Jewish campus” as the new Jewish Community Center is literally next door!

When SOJC holds an event, we definitely turn out! Our Tu B’Shevat Outing in the rolling hills of Central Florida, Purim Carnival and our monthly Family-Friday dinners and services are all immensely popular hits.

Founded in 1982 and renamed in 1994, SOJC completed its present synagogue building in 1992. SOJC’s mission is to be a vibrant Southwest Orlando community for Jewish spiritual enrichment, values, education and social enjoyment. Since our very beginning, SOJC’s core values have remained rock steady as we proudly proclaim we are a conservative, egalitarian, family-oriented, inclusive and welcoming community. Don’t forget the closest synagogue to Disney World!!

SOJC is committed to the vibrancy and growth of our community, Israel and world Jewry. By embracing the values of Conservative Judaism, we strive to produce an environment in which Jewish spiritual growth flourishes. We’ve created a Religious School and program of Jewish education that offers and encourages stimulating learning opportunities for children, adults and families. And, in the face of this busy, complicated, time-starved society in which we all live, SOJC has created and represents a warm, social and cultural sense of place where one can connect – in an informal and relaxing way — with friends, community and our dazzling Jewish heritage.

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