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B'nai Mizvot


     Perhaps no life cycle event requires more preparation than a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Bar Mitzvah refers to a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys at age 13. A Bat Mitzvah is the equivalent for girls; however, their Bat Mitzvah will occur at either 12 or 13 years of age.  At SOJC, preparations for this day literally starts from the first day they begin religious school.  Formal training with the Hazzan and Rabbi usually starts one year in advance, and students will typically learn to chant a Haftorah and Torah portion for their specific Shabbat service.  Many students will learn to lead both Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat services.  Members in good standing may reserve a date up to three years in advance, but remember that birthdays are calculated based on the child's Hebrew and not secular birthday, and these may not always correspond to a specific calendar day. 

     It is important to realize that one does not have a B'nai Mizvot, one becomes B'nai Mizvot by attaining the age of 13 for boys or 12 for girls.  Every child has different wants, needs, capabilities, and talents, and SOJC, in understanding the diversity of all people, strives to offer individual and personal training and planning for this event.

     Our office staff and Rabbi are always available to help plan and make this event meaningful for the child, family, and the entire SOJC community.  

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