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Join us Sunday, April 2nd.  Bring a friend!

Men's Club

World Wide Wrap

February 12, 2023
9:15 am
   Join us, as we join all conservative congregations, and "lay tefillin".  Tefillin, or phylacteries, are the ritual black boxes worn on the arm
and head during morning prayer services (Except Shabbat).
Every Superbowl Sunday,
conservative synagogues around the world
will celebrate this mitzvah.  Bring your Tallis and Tefillin, but if you
don't have a set, we will have extras. After the service,
stay for breakfast with your fellow congregants.
All post B'nai Mitzvah men and women are welcomed to attend!

Men's Club Get Together -

Open to all SOJC Adults

Sunday, January 29th - 7:00pm

Nibbles and Cocktails

Learn how to make these classic cocktails - Bottom's up!
Don't forget the delicious Nibbles


 Home of Robin and Robert Moel

Click Here to RSVP by January 24th

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